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Alloy Wheel and Tyre Packages

Most of the Alloy Wheels that we supply to customers are built up as a 'Wheel and Tyre Package'. A Wheel and Tyre Package is when we supply a set of 4x wheels with a set 4x tyres mounted and balanced. By mounting we mean the actual fitting of the tyres to the wheels and then we balance them to distribute any uneven weight to form a smooth ride quality on the vehicle.

We can supply the package exactly to our requirements, although there are limits as to what tyres we can fit to certain vehicles, wheels and safety parameters. We pride ourselves on giving customers good sound advice on which tyres sizes work best with each car and wheel application. A tyre must be suitable for the intended use, and there are manufacturer guidelines that we adhere to for your safety - this is one of the many reasons that you can put your trust in Rimstyle! Our advanced website will automatically select the suitable tyre size/s for the wheel and your vehicle, meaning that you don't have to worry about the suitability of the combined wheel and tyre assembly.

If the particular tyre size or tyre brand isn't listed on our website, then please feel free to contact us - we will then advice you as to exactly what you can fit to the intended wheel.

How do I build an Alloy Wheel & Tyre Package?

Here at it really is as easy as 1-2-3, just 3 steps to build a wheel & tyre package:


Select your vehicle

Simply enter your Reg / VIN number into our Vehicle Lookup and our website will find your vehicle easily. Alternatively you can manually select your vehicle on the Manual Lookup - which helps if your Reg / VIN isn't recognised.


Select your Alloy Wheels

Using our 'Online Fitment System', you can easily view/buy alloy wheels that are a suitable fitment for your vehicle. We have all of the best leading Alloy Wheel brands available ready to buy online today 24 hours a day.


Select your Tyres

Once a wheel is selected, the wheel size/fitment will determine the best tyre size/s that are suitable for the vehicle and wheel. There are various links to 'Add Tyres' on your chosen wheel to build a Wheel & Tyre Package.

Tyre mounting & balancing

We understand the importance of treating your new wheels with the respect and care that they deserve. The last thing that you want is a damaged tyre or wheel from poor tyre fitting! This is exactly why we have invested in 'State of the Art' Corghi Master equipment which is renown in the tyre industry for being some of the best tyre fitting equipment available. Every part of the equipment that comes into contact with the wheel is protected with plastic heads as not to damage the wheel in any way - and most tyre fitting actually involves zero contact with the wheel!

You might be lucky to see one Corghi Master machine in a Ferrari or Lamborghini garage, but we have several! This shocks any tyre specialist that visits us every time.

We also have in-house professionally trained and very experienced tyre fitters, who are passionate about the products and treat every order with care and respect. We never employ anyone with less than 5 years tyre fitting experience as it is a professional job, and requires experience.

  • 'State Of The Art' Corghi Master Tyre Fitting Equipment - The Corghi Master is rim contactless so at no point do any parts of the machine come into contact with the outer rim of the wheel. This guarantees the wheels will be damage free, it is common that tyre machines clamp the wheel in position from the outer rim which can cause damage. We also use no tyre levers which again can damage wheels. In addition to this all components of our machinery are plastic guarded.
  • Laser guided Corghi Artiglio Balancing Equipment - With laser guidance for pinpoint accuracy for balancing weight positioning for the optimuim balancing setup to use minimum weight. Also this features advanced diagositics which we particulary use for wheel and tyre lateral and radial runout.
  • World renown TRAX Adhesive Balancing Weights - Balancing weights can have a tendancy to lose adhesion to the wheel, particularly in sub-zero temperatures. Our TRAX weights have the strongest bond that holds down to -10°C. We use Black weights on dark wheels and Silver weights on lighter coloured wheels.
  • Choice of Tyre Valves or TPMS - Whether you need standard pull-in valves, high-pressure bolt-in valves or TPMS valves & sensors, we've got it covered!
    Choice of optional additional accessories - We offer a selection of Silver or Black wheel bolts/nuts, Locking wheel bolts/nuts and detailing products.

Fitting Accessories - Inc. for FREE:*

Here at we include all of the nessecary fitting accessories required FREE of charge. It is required to use these supplied fittings in order to achieve the correct and safe fitment of the wheels to your particular vehicle - instructions are included where nessecary.

* However there are some specialist fitments (in particular Porsche / Van / Range Rover) that are designed to use the vehicle's standard fittings - but we do indicate on the Product Details whether the Fitting Accessories are included.

Alloy Wheel Fitting Accessories could comprise of any of the following parts:

  • Spigot Ring Clip
  • Centre Cap Removal Tool
  • Centre Cap Allen Key
  • Stickers
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