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1AV Alloy Wheels (Alloys):

From the same producers as Axe and Lenso wheels, 1AV was conceived in 2016 and set for great things. For this style the prices are fantastic and we expect to see more designs coming soon.

1AV wheels can be machined to order to your exact specifications (within tolerances), so we can ensure the fitment will be perfect for you.

How do we rate 1AV Wheels:
Style: "Cutting edge designs, more coming soon"
Fitments: "Machined to order to exact specs"
Value: "Great prices for this style"
The 2017 1AV Alloy Wheels (Alloys) Line-Up:
1AV ZX1 (Directional) Alloy Wheels 1AV ZX1 (Directional) Gloss Black with Polished… From £583.00 19" Only
1AV ZX1 (Directional) Alloy Wheels 1AV ZX1 (Directional) Silver with Polished Face From £583.00 19" | 20"
1AV ZX2 Alloy Wheels 1AV ZX2 Gloss Gunmetal From £559.00 19" Only
1AV ZX3 Cup Alloy Wheels 1AV ZX3 Cup Silver with Polished Face From £337.00 15" Only
1AV ZX4 Alloy Wheels 1AV ZX4 Silver with Polished Face From £1161.00 22" Only
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