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Dezent Alloy Wheels (Alloys):

Launched with sporty ambitioned drivers in mind, Dezent Wheels carries some really 'visually light' designs in it's range. With special attention given to achieving clean lines and a sporty detail, Dezent Alloy Wheels look great on almost any car. Ask about Dezent Alloys 'Nano Tec Silver Finish' water and oil–based liquids such as dirt particles simply run straight off of the Dezent wheel's surface!

How do we rate Dezent Wheels:
Value: "Outstanding value for money"
Durability: "Quality paint and lacquer processes"
Styling: "Factory O.E.M styling"
The 2017 Dezent Alloy Wheels (Alloys) Line-Up:
Dezent RE Alloy Wheels Dezent RE Silver From £314.00 15" | 16" | 17"
Dezent TC Alloy Wheels Dezent TC Silver From £401.00 17" Only
Dezent TD Alloy Wheels Dezent TD Silver From £314.00 15" Only
Dezent TD Dark Alloy Wheels Dezent TD Dark Matt Black From £346.00 16" | 17"
Dezent TE Dark Alloy Wheels Dezent TE Dark Matt Black From £517.00 18" Only
Dezent TH Dark Alloy Wheels Dezent TH Dark Matt Black with Polished … From £526.00 17" Only
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Dezent TJ Alloy Wheels Dezent TJ Silver From £459.00 16" Only
Dezent TJ Dark Alloy Wheels Dezent TJ Dark Matt Black with Polished … From £486.00 16" Only