Wolf Design Alloy Wheels (Alloys)

Wolf Design
Alloy Wheels

Wolf Design Alloy Wheels (Alloys):

The Exclusive new range from Wolfrace, we bring you Wolf Design. 20" through to 22" premium alloy wheels, designed for exacting standards on today's luxury SUV market. Just take a look at the new finishes and designs, topped by the fact that we can arrange for the wheels to be machined to almost any fitment quickly and efficiently to match the vehicle detail that you bring to Rimstyle.com. Were here to make sure when choosing wheels for your SUV you receive choice, style, exacting fitments, and a huge return for the money you spend on your chosen design. Join the customers who have already moved over to Wolf Design, and get it right first time through Rimstyle.

How do we rate Wolf Design Wheels:
Strength: "Cater for some high load capacities"
Fitments: "Many designs custom machinable"
Popularity: "Very popular with SUV / 4x4 market"
The 2018 Wolf Design Alloy Wheels (Alloys) Line-Up:
Wolf Design GTP Alloy Wheels Wolf Design GTP Gloss Black with Polished… From £1192.00 22" Only
Wolf Design GTR Transit Alloy Wheels Wolf Design GTR Transit Gloss Black with Polished… From £1012.00 20" Only
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