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Xtreme Alloy Wheels (Alloys):

A smaller range with smaller price tags, there's some great deals on offer from Xtreme wheels. Modern styling ideas shine through in this range for wheels that are sure to compliment. Our best selling wheel from the range currently is the X12 but this could change as the range continues to grow and gain in popularity - Don't forget to take a look at the uniqueness of the X48… we love it!

How do we rate Xtreme Wheels:
Value: "Some of the BEST prices on the net"
Finish: "Well finished with a durable lacquer"
Styles: "Fresh styles that simply work"
The 2017 Xtreme Alloy Wheels (Alloys) Line-Up:
Xtreme X12 Alloy Wheels Xtreme X12 Silver From £346.00 16" Only
Xtreme X15 Alloy Wheels Xtreme X15 Silver From £346.00 16" | 17"
Xtreme X60 Alloy Wheels Xtreme X60 Matt Grey From £364.00 16" | 17"
Xtreme X60 Alloy Wheels Xtreme X60 Silver From £309.00 15" | 16" | 17"
Xtreme X90 Alloy Wheels Xtreme X90 Gloss Black From £474.00 18" Only
Xtreme X95 Alloy Wheels Xtreme X95 Gloss Black From £419.00 17" Only
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Xtreme X95 Alloy Wheels Xtreme X95 Matt Black From £493.00 18" Only