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Cades Artemis

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Cades Artemis Alloy Wheels


These Cades Artemis Alloy Wheels are part of the ever popular Cades range of Alloy Wheels for 2019. For more information on the Cades range of Alloy Wheels please CLICK HERE.

We class this wheel as a Y Spoke / Mesh wheel design - each spoke splits into a Y shape creating a mesh formation. The spokes on this wheel reach to the edge of the wheel, which makes the wheels appear visually bigger once on the car.

This Cades Artemis (Silver) is available in 18" and 19" sizes.

We recommend this particular Cades Artemis wheel for Winter / Cold Weather Use.
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These particular Cades Artemis Alloy Wheels come in a selection of over 13 different sizes/fitments, so please feel free to use the vehicle fitment configurator above to select your vehicle. This will check all of the fitment data and determine whether these particular wheels will fit your vehicle.

Stocked Sizes Available Wheel Fitments Price Do They Fit?
18 x 8.0" 5 Stud Only From £501.00 No Vehicle Selected
18 x 9.0" 5 Stud Only From £595.00 No Vehicle Selected
19 x 8.5" 5 Stud Only From £687.00 No Vehicle Selected
19 x 9.5" 5 Stud Only From £660.00 No Vehicle Selected
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