Cartastrophe – Designing the perfect car for various catastrophic events.

If you claim that you’ve never fantasised about what your plan would be if there was a zombie apocalypse then you are almost certainly a liar. There is something strangely captivating about dystopia as a whole and the planning for some kind of catastrophic event. What would you do if a tsunami hit your town? If a volcano erupted, how would you get away? Would you have what it takes to survive another ice age? What equipment would you need?

Well, here at Rimstyle we have been looking to help you answer some of these questions, in particular, the question regarding your choice of transportation. Whether it be a zombie apocalypse, a tsunami, a volcanic eruption, an ice age, a tornado or an alien invasion, we have designed the perfect car to not only help you survive but to help you thrive in these difficult circumstances!

Ice Age

Equipped with six, snowmobile like wheels, floodlights and a pulley system for any other vehicle that may have found themselves in a spot of bother, this is the perfect vehicle if there was to be another Ice Age.

Zombie Apocalypse

Nicknamed ‘The Beast’, there a very few cars that would be more effective during a zombie apocalypse. With cages covering its windows, machines guns for mowing down crowds of zombies and spikes on it wheels for protection, you are in safe hands.


Inspired by Star Wars’ BB-8, this vehicle is able to roll on its axis to a place of safety. If the tsunami does contact it, its spherical shape can withstands sharp object penetration and heat exposure. The survival capsule can float and comes equipped with buoyancy aids to help others.


Surely you can’t drive a car around areas of active volcanoes? Well, if your car is made from tantalum carbide then you can! Its two large wheels allow it to climb over rocky terrain and up and down steep slopes.

Alien Invasion

If there was an alien invasion, being able to fly alongside the UFO’s could help you blend in. Well, this car can do just that. Fly when you need to and drive when you need to, this is the perfect car for adapting to any situation you may be in.


This vehicle is not only extremely safe in the eventuality of a tornado, but it is also capable of creating its own energy using only wind. The stand out feature of this car is its two drills that drill into the ground either side to secure the it to the ground.

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