The BBS Wheels leaving Rimstyle today….

Check these out… Just 2 key wheels from all the BBS alloy wheel sets that will be leaving Rimstyle this afternoon! This picture doesn’t speak for itself, it screams! Soon to be on their way to new homes! Rimstyle Ltd are the exclusive official sole UK importer and distributor of BBS aftermarket alloy wheels, with weekly shipments arriving from Germany, and vast BBS UK stocks ready for Next Day delivery! #superrs #chr2 #forged #flowformed #splitrims #splits #bbs #chr #cir #sv  

HAWKE 4WD Alloy Wheels Line Up!

Meet the new Hawke AWD line up! Comprising of 3 wheel models, 2 with XD variants, these are predicted to leave a big mark on the 2018 wheel industry. Strong, durable, tough looking designs! Examples such as Amarok, L200, Hi Lux, even VW T5/T6 2WD, we have you covered with Hawke wheels! Our Rimstyle product feature favourite – The Knox! #summit #ridge #knox #4x4wheels 

Lenso Eagle 2 and 3 Wheels – Drilled to spec!

Drilled to spec here in the UK, the Lenso Eagle’s 2 and 3 alloy wheels can be drilled to most PCD’s for most cars. Stunning Black with Machine Polished front face and dish, finished with the unique Lenso ‘L’. Where can you find them? Awesome quality, awesome looks, and an awesome price tag for 2018! Check them out here at our Lenso brand page on… #euroscene #customised #lensorims #eagle #wheels

1Form edt.1 & edt.2 Wheels – Available to order @

The NEW 1Form edt.1 & edt.2 wheels are now available to pre-order online at – New for January arrival! The Edition.1, pictured below in 1Form Liquid Black is set for BIG things in 2018, available in sizes: 18×8.5, 18×9.5, 19×8.5, 19×9.5 and an awesome high weight rated 20×9.0 application! #concavewheels #we #love #wheels – 1Form: AVAILABLE NOW! Take a detailed look online…

4×4 LENSO Alloy Wheels – Some Rimstyle favourites!

The LENSO 4×4 range has been a Rimstyle favourite this year! In the line up left to right we have… Intimidator 8 Matt Black (Available in 20″ and 22″ x9.5J) RTG Matt Black. (Available in 20×9.5J) RCC Gloss Black.(Available in 20×9.0J) MAX 3 Matt Black.(Available in 20×9.0J) RCC Matt Black.(Available in 20×9.0J) Our feature favourite… #intimidator8 #alloys

Still time to get your Bola Wheels…

With the 25th of December looming closer, there is still time to get some new Bola Wheels before Christmas. We have the full range online to purchase 24 hours a day, so you can’t even use the snow as an excuse!

NEW Winter Tyre stock added online

With the temperatures dropping there is now more need than ever to consider fitting Winter Tyres to your vehicle. With this in mind we have just uploaded more winter tyre stock onto our website so give you as much choice as possible. For more information about the benefits of Winter Alloy Wheels / Tyres, please click on this link:

1Form Wheels – Fresh from the mould

After a year in the making, the 1Form wheel range has been born, or rather cast, and is currently undergoing final painting/finishing. The range will initially start with 2 wheel designs, but we are already working hard at the next design concepts. Having now seen the sample wheels, we are extremely impressed with the final quality and workmanship painstaking gone into the final product and eagerly awaiting our first shipment (due January/February 2018). The sample wheels are currently being professionally photographed and having 360 degree videos produced, so more news will follow very soon!