Most Googled Cars in England

Most Searched For Cars in English Towns:

We analysed Google trend data to see which British cities searched for which brands of car. From MINIs to Citroens, Britain has made it’s voice heard on what car earns the most attention amongst the public.

So what about smaller regions and cities?

The South East
In the South East, London further pledged it’s allegiance to small cars with Smart Cars being the most commonly searched for brand in the city. The rest of the South East varied wildly, with Edgware boasting its affluence with the luxury car brand Lexus dominating search the region and Calcot following suit with Porsche. Further south, Totton favoured Suzuki whilst Eastleigh took to Ford.

The East of England
Again, MINI takes the lead in the East, with Great Dunmow being the most MINI’s most hardcore fans. Haversham proved to be Mercedes lovers, while Hatfield stuck to Mitsubishi, and Luton and Stantonbury took to two of the big V’s with Vauxhall and Volkswagen respectively.

The South West
In the South West, Swindon favoured the ever stylish Honda, while Poole seemed to be the most popular area for the less common Mazda.

West Midlands
In the West Midlands, BMW was king with the most searches going for the popular German brand. However, Land Rover, Suzuki and (unsurprisingly) the MINI received their fair share of attention. For example, Binley Woods, Leamington Spa, Solihull and Welford-on-Avon all searched for four-wheel specialists Land Rover, while Bromyard, Cleobury Mortimer and Hesketh Bank favoured the popular Japanese brand Suzuki. Alvechurch stuck with the ever reliable Citroen and Stoke-on-Trent favoured Romanian brand Dacia.

The East Midlands
MINI once again was the trending car of the East Midlands, but to the east of Nottingham, Renault took centre stage in Belton. Humberston chose the stylish Hyundai – which is surprising because they are home to the Bubble Car Museum, a museum dedicated to micro cars.

Yorkshire and Humber
An outlier to the majority of the UK, Yorkshire and Humber were crazy about Skoda, with the most popular location for Skoda’s being in Mansfield. Bradford and Harrogate searched for different brands, with Toyota and Volvo taking the lead respectively.

The North West
The North West were another MINI fan, although the Fiat was the most popular in Arley. The affluent town of Kendal took to Porsche, while Carlisle preferred the humble Volvo.

The North East
As another outlier to the rest of the country, the North East search mostly for Citroen cars, yet our data showed Huddersfield rallied around Mercedes.

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