The Best Alternatives to Shopping Centre Parking

When you’re trying to find a parking space for your Saturday shop, the costs can add up – and not just because you missed all the deals by being late for your Christmas shopping. Parking in some areas can be a real blow to the wallet, so we created this handy guide to help you find the least expensive car parking areas, and avoid the most expensive, all within 15 minutes of the main shopping centres. The costs are for 5 hours of parking giving you ample time for your weekend shopping spree (and possibly a chocolate mocha or two!) We also included the parking cost at the shopping centre themselves.
From our research, the largest saving you can make is if you’re planning on visiting The Moor in Sheffield. A five-hour stay at their car park will cost you £9, but if you’re happy to take a short 6-minute walk (if you walk slowly) you can save yourself £8 by only paying £1 at the nearby Science park. This is the cheapest car parking fee we found nearby. (And while you’re there, maybe stop by the Sheffield Hallam University and get some knowledge in with your shopping!) If you’re shopping on a busy day and both of those car parks are full, make sure you avoid Arundul Gate. It might only be an 8-minute walk away, but you’ll be shelling out £17 for the privilege.

The most expensive car parks we found were in Bloomsbury, Camden and Kensington which is certainly no surprise. At each of their respective car parks, you’ll have to fork out £34 – but not to worry, our handy graphical guides below will show you how you can save up to 386% with nearby car parks to these shopaholic dream destinations.

Shopping around London? The below graphics will show you where the best parking is near the best shopping centres around (and of course Camden Townhall):

Want to explore the exciting markets of Camden? There’s a great car park only 7 minutes away that will only cost you £7 for 5 hours. Beware, there is a closer car park but expect to pay a whole £34 to stay.

Relsa Barkers in Kensington certainly isn’t cheap – and the best parking alternative whilst only 4 minutes away is £20 for five hours, but that’s sure better than £34!

The car parking at Lewisham Shopping Centre is surprisingly cheap, but what if it’s full? The Glass Mill Leisure centre is fine to park at for exactly the same price.

Unfortunately, there was no cheaper parking at the Southside Shopping Centre, but the good news is there’s a car park right outside that costs the same for the same amount of time. Win!

If you’re happy to stay for only 3 hours, Greenwich Shopping Park is completely free – great for those quick shops or meetups. However, if you park at the station car park you can grab a bargain of five hours for £3.50.

Outside of London? No problem. The below graphic lists the most popular shopping centres in cities around the UK and, of course, where you can have yourself some mega parking savings:

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