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Measuring Your Alloy Wheel PCD

Measuring the PCD on an Alloy Wheel is a very simply process and literally takes a matter of seconds. It can be done with the wheels on the vehicle, so no need to get your hands dirty removing the wheels. There is no specialist equipment, just a good old trusty tape measure!

What is the Alloy Wheel PCD?

This is the diameter of an imaginary circle drawn through the centre of the bolt holes. The PCD of the wheel should match the PCD that your car came with as standard.

PCD is measured in mm. e.g: 4x100 means the wheel has 4 bolt holes and the diameter of the imaginary circle through the bolt holes is 100mm. These details are shown in the 'Wheel Specifications' section on the main product page.

It is a common misconception that all 4 stud wheels will fitment onto a 4 stud vehicle, but it is also down to the stud distancing.

Whilst a wheel will generally have the corresponding number of bolt holes for the vehicle, there are some wheels that are cross-drilled. This means that they will have either 8 of 10 bolts holes, of which half of these will be applicable to the intended vehicle but the other half will have a different stud spacing intended for alternative vehicles. This is a great feature if you plan on selling the wheels in the future of using them on a different car (as long as the stud configuration is correct).

How to measure the Wheel PCD

Measure X from the CENTRE of one bolt hole, to the CENTRE of the next bolt hole along in either a clockwise or anti-clockwise direction. This measurement can then be cross-referenced against the relevant table below.

4 Stud

X Measurement PCD
69mm 4 x 98
70mm 4 x 100
75mm 4 x 108
76mm 4 x 110
80mm 4 x 114.3

5 Stud

X Measurement PCD
57mm 5 x 98
58mm 5 x 100
61mm 5 x 105
63mm 5 x 108
64mm 5 x 110
65mm 5 x 112
66mm 5 x 114.3
67mm 5 x 115
69mm 5 x 118
70mm 5 x 120
70mm 5 x 120.65
75mm 5 x 127
76mm 5 x 130
82mm 5 x 139.7
88mm 5 x 150
96mm 5 x 165.1

6 Stud

X Measurement PCD
56mm 6 x 114.3
63mm 6 x 127
67mm 6 x 135
69mm 6 x 139.7
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