WE ARE STILL OPEN: As the UK's largest online only Alloy Wheels Retailer, we are still operational and following all government instructions. Health and Safety is of paramount importance to us and as such we have introduced additional sanitisation protocols in our operations to ensure the safety of all our staff and customers. Our order processing and deliveries are proceeding as normal. (19th Oct 2021)

Enabling Cookies

Enabling cookies will increase usability and unlock certain functions

Why do I need to enable cookies?

Like all e-commerce websites, our site uses cookies to enable full functionality of all the features, which includes the shopping basket. Every website that allows you to buy online will use cookies, and it is the standard way to customize the website experience for users.

All we do is place a small 16 digit code (i.e. "xSyr2U4GgE3jGWQ3") on your web server/browser to act as your unique id to recognise you on every rimstyle.com page you visit. Once you've been recognised then we can cross reference your id with data stored on our servers like your shopping basket, delivery zone, vehicle model and currency. Without this unique id then our website won't know who you are and won't be able to recall the data saved on our server.

This type of cookie is called a session cookie, and expires when you close your browser.

Are cookies harmful?

We can't vouch for the reason other website may use cookies, but our cookies are completely harmless and will only exist until you close your browser. If you are concerned about internet security, then it is completely safe to enable cookies when you are on our website, but you can easily disable them again once you leave us.

Enabling cookies:

Every browser or device has a different technique for enabling cookies, but usually if you enter the "Settings" on our browser then you will hopefully find the cookie management controls in the "Security" or "Privacy" sections. Once enabled it would be best to refresh the page that you are viewing so that we can register your cookie setting alteration. If you wanted to disable the cookies when leaving our site, then please reverse the setting that you just changed to it's original setting.