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Fitting Accessories Explained

Nuts, Bolts, Spigot Rings and Spacers - we cover it all

What makes up the FREE fitting kit we supply:

The FREE fitting kit that we supply includes a brand new set of wheel bolts or nuts, dependant on vehicle specification and 4x Free Spigot rings (if required and explained below).

There are some wheel fitments that are designed to accept the original OE wheel bolts or nuts, in which case we do not supply new bolts or nuts. This is particularly common with some Porsche and Van fitments. We do indicate on the final product page whether the bolts/nuts are included.

Nuts or Bolts: Whats the difference between wheel bolts and nuts?

If the vehicle has studs coming out of the hub, you will use a nut to fasten the wheel to the vehicle. Vehicles without studs will use a bolt to fasten the wheel to the hub of the vehicle. Bolts and nuts have various diameters, threads and seatings, and our sales team will ensure the correct fitting kit is provided for your car with every wheel or wheel and tyre package (A small percentage use O.E fittings but on these occasions we notify you).

The thread diameter refers to the diameter of the stud, measured across the shank at the outer edges of the thread e.g. 12mm. The thread pitch is the number derived at when dividing the number of threads in 10mm into 10 e.g. 8 threads along 10mm has a pitch of 1.25.

NOTE: It is extremely important that the nut or bolt seat properly in the wheel bolt hole. The vast majority of aftermarket wheels use a tapered nut or bolt (usually with a 60 taper). Some wheels use a radius taper bolt/nut. Our trained team will ensure correct fitment for you.

Spigot Rings:

Made from either plastic or metal, these allow perfect fitment and alignment of your alloy wheels when the centre bore differs from the hub lip diameter. A spigot ring is fitted into the back of the wheel with an outer diameter the size of the centre bore, and an inner diameter the size of the hub lip to allow the wheel to be correctly located onto the hub and to fit tightly and snug onto the vehicle for safety and comfort. Only supplied if necessary, and Free of charge.

Wheel Spacers:

If the offset of a wheel is too high for your vehicle, in most cases spacers can be used to reduce the offset, pushing the wheel further out to make it sit correctly in relation to the cars bodywork and arches.

They allow you to fit wheels to your car that arent initially made in a direct fitment, widening your choice of wheels. The correct spacers are completely safe and road legal to use. Spacers can also be used in cases where your wheels already fit your car but you just want them to sit out just that little bit wider, maybe to give the car a wider rear stance or fall more in line with the outer arches.

Locking Nuts/Bolts:

These have now been reduced to a special HALF-PRICE offer with every wheel / wheel and tyre package / and when bought separately from Rimstyle. They are an essential accessory to help to keep your new wheels safe from theft.

With each kit you receive 4 locking nuts or bolts, whichever is relevant to your cars fitment, and a key to lock them on to the car. You simply tighten one into each wheel in place of one of the standard nuts/bolts to lock the wheels on to your car. Great at helping to prevent fraud and deterring thieves!