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Will They Fit My Vehicle?

The fitment checks performed by our website - ensuring the perfect fitment

When rimstyle.com chooses the wheels available for your vehicle it considers the following…

There are 10 aspects that are critical for your choice of alloy wheel to fit properly:

  • The Wheel PCD (Pitch Circle Diameter / Stud Pattern)
  • The Front and Rear Wheel Offset (ET)
  • The Wheel Diameter
  • The Front and Rear Wheel Width/s
  • The Front and Rear Tyre Size
  • The Wheel Load Capabilities
  • The Tyre Load Index
  • The Centre Bore
  • Brake Clearance
  • Wheel Bolt / Nut Fitment and Suitability

If you wish to find out more about each aspect checked, please continue reading…

The Wheel P.C.D (Pitch Circle Diameter):
The PCD is the measurement of the bolt holes on your standard wheels/vehicle's hubs. Rimstyle.com takes your vehicle manufacturer and model and only shows you wheels that are made with the same bolt hole measurement, to ensure they are made and will fit.

The Wheel Offset (ET):
The wheel offset determines how far under or how far out the wheel will sit in relation to the vehicle's outer arches once bolted to the car. Rimstyle.com works out what offset range your vehicle is suited to and only shows you wheels within this range to ensure that your wheels sit perfectly on your vehicle in relation to the arches.

The Front and Rear Tyre Size:
Each car begins life from the factory with its standard tyre size. When upgrading to larger wheels, smaller wheels or wheels of the same size there are a select few tyre sizes that can be used. Rimstyle.com is programmed with these so when you view a wheel and tyre package online the price includes the CORRECT tyre size/s for your vehicle.
Watch out for competitor sites, if they don't mention tyre size, you may be buying a package with the wrong size and will incur more cost further down the line.

The Wheel Diameter:
The wheel diameter is basically the size of the wheel itself. With rimstyle.com it allows you to view wheels in sizes that can be fitted to your vehicle - if you can't see what you're looking for always email or call us to discuss further.

The Front and Rear Wheel Width/s:
The wheel width is important. Some wheels are too wide for some cars, some cars need wider rear widths, but rimstyle.com knows this and where a wider rear is needed it will show you, and if you wish to go for that staggered wider rear look, if it's made and suitable for the vehicle, rimstyle.com offers it.

The Wheel Load Capabilities:
Every wheel manufacturered is capable of carrying a particular weight load measured in kilograms. If you exceed this load then your vehicle insurance could be void and you will be putting extra strain on the wheel - potentially causing it to crack or buckle. It is UK law to ensure that your vehicle axle load is less than or equal to the wheel load capabilities, and our website performs this check for you.

The Tyre Load Index:
The tyre load index relates to the maximum amount of load in kilograms that the tyre can hold. Our website coverts this load index into kilograms and cross references this against the vehicle axle loads, ensuring suitability.

The Centre Bore:
The centre bore is the hole drilled in the centre of the back of the wheel. This is usually greater than the diameter of the hub lip it will mount on to and rimstyle.com ensures that a ring can be provided to fit into the centre bore hole for perfect fitment, before showing the wheel to you. Some wheels are also direct fit and will not require spigot rings.

Fitting Kit (Wheel bolts/nuts and spigot rings):
A fitting kit is an important part of the package and where necessary it is FREE. This includes the correct size spigot rings if needed to give a perfect fit with no vibration, and the relevant nuts or bolts, whichever is required to ensure the wheels are correctly fitted to your car. There are several different types of nuts and bolts but you dont need to worry, its all programmed into rimstyle.com and it selects the kit for you and then we manually check upon despatch.

Not only does our website cleverly check all these aspects before you order, our in-house alloy wheel experts will double check every fitting aspect to obtain a great fitment for your new wheels.