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Will They Fit My Vehicle?

The fitment checks performed by our website - ensuring the perfect fitment

When you select your vehicle on our website, we pull all the data of the original production wheels/tyres from the DVLA and build a portfolio of suitable wheel and tyre fitments. This happens behind the scenes and not something that you are aware off all in real-time. We also have a database of tried and tested fitments and we put this in the mix to give you the best choices available. There are over 10,000 lines of code calculating everything for you, so you don't have to!

No other website in the UK does this, they work purely from a database of "aftermarket" fitments which are generally very inaccurate and do not consider what fitments came on the vehicle from the vehicle manufacturer. We consider this to be by far the most accurate fitment compatibility system in the UK, which is something we have always been at the top of our game on!

Our system takes things to a new level that's never been seen before to ensure accuracy of fitment, consumer confidence and our confidence.

Alloy Wheels Fitment Compatibility

There are 14 checks that are critical for your choice of alloy wheel to fit properly, all of which are checked on our website for your vehicle. Our website is the only UK website to check this many aspects, whereas our competitors will check 5-6 points at best. Another important point is that we check these aspects on both the front and rear axle, then cross reference the 2 data sets to ensure full compatibility. We are the only UK company to check the wheel load suitability for the vehicle and offer different diameter wheels for each axle.

  • PCD (Pitch Circle Diameter / Stud Pattern)
  • Offset (ET)
  • Diameter
  • Width
  • Tyre size availability
  • Maximum load capability
  • Centre Bore diameter
  • Centre Bore depth
  • Brake caliper clearance
  • Bolt / Nut fitment and suitability
  • TPMS requirement
  • Stock availability
  • Additional CNC machining possibility
  • Consideration for using wheel spacers

If you have any doubts or need reassurance on a fitment then please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to check everything for you. We appreciate that buying wheels can be daunting and there is a lot of conflicting information on the internet, so sometimes it helps to speak to a human for that piece of mind.

To learn more about the technical elements of an Alloy Wheel, please click here.

Tyre Fitment Compatibility

If you are seeking just tyres, then we will check the OE tyre specification fitted to your vehicle by the vehicle manufacturer and offer you tyres matching that criteria, so you can be confident that they will be fully suitable. However if you wish to build a wheel & tyre package with us we take things to the next level by checking full tyre suitability for not only the vehicle but also the wheel. This gives you complete assurance that every elements is safety compliant and there will be no issues with insurance. We also offer customisation on the tyre specification (within tolerance margin) if you require something not specifically recommended by us.

  • Width
  • Side-wall Profile
  • Diameter
  • Load index
  • Secondary Load index
  • Speed rating
  • Runflat compatibility
  • Wheel offset - suitability for positioning of tyre size
  • Wheel size - suitability for tyre size
  • Season
  • OE vehicle manufacturer approvals
  • Matching tread patterns front & rear
  • Stock availability

To learn more about the technical elements of a Tyre, please click here.

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